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First database is uploaded on our web-page

11:06 AM - 22 October 2010

The Institute for Development of Freedom of Information funded by the Swiss Embassy in Georgia and in collaboration with the Archive Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia is first to bring to light documents that relate to this interesting and unstudied historic event. The database comprises documents that were discovered at the archives of the Georgian MIA Archive Administration (the former Archive of the Committee of State Security (KGB) of Georgia and former archive of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Georgia). In addition, the collection of the archival documents received from the Archive of the Federal Security Service of Russian Federation by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia will also be displayed for the first time.  

We hope, that the Institute’s yet incomplete informational database will answer many questions that surrounded March 5-9 1956 events for decades and will be of use for specialists interested in the Georgian and soviet history and for the wider public.

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