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IDFI visiting public school #51

04:20 PM - 6 March 2014

On February 24, with the invitation of the 10th year students of school #51, Institute for Development of Freedom of Informationconducted a meeting. The aim of the meeting was providing the youth with unbiased information about one of the most difficult periods on Soviet history – repressions of 1937-1938.



The director of IDFI Giorgi Kldiashvili talked about the repressions of 1937-38 and the consequences of it in Georgia. Kldiashvili talked about the reasons, aims and the results of the repressions, the absence of personal liberty, the cruelty of totalitarian regime, public fear, the fates of the family of the repressed persons and the organizers of the repression. The presentation was supplemented with the visual materials. Giorgi Kldiashvili made the students familiar with the electronic materials – protocols, pictures of the

arrested, letter and memoirs as well as several banners from the ‘Stalin’s List on Georgia’ exhibition which displayed famous victims of the repression as well as the members of so called ‘Troyka’.

Students expressed interest towards the issue, asked questions, attempted to find their ancestors in the online list of the repressed persons and expressed willingness to cooperate with IDFI in future.  

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